3 FREE Fixes for Employee Experience


The best things in life really are FREE…

This especially goes for Employee Experience. Contrary to what the ‘experts’ say, you really don’t need a fancy program, system or furniture to improve employee experience.  

While these may very well move the needle to some degree, there are other ways to make an impact without spending a dime.

Free Fixes

Here are 3 TOTALLY FREE things you can do to improve your employee experience: 

🤩 Celebrate High Performing Leaders

  • They’re the ones routinely in the top 10% of the Employee Engagement survey results.
  • The behaviors that you want to see replicated and a fixture in the culture, must be celebrated often. 

🧐 Hold Poor Performing Leaders Accountable

  • Provide training or Executive Coaching.
  • Develop LIPs (Leadership Improvement Plans).
  • Demote and/or terminate if necessary.
  • Sometimes the best thing you can do for your employee culture is remove their antagonists. 

😌 Encourage the Rest to Continue and Grow

  • Share internal best practices from high performing leaders.
  • Form Leadership Mentor Circles so leaders can collaborate, learn and grow together.
  • Leaders need encouragement. Often, peer feedback can go a long way.  

What are some other FREE ways to move the needle on #EmployeeExperience?