About Last Week: Apr 8th, 2019


Here are some of the things that have peaked my interested and stimulated my intellect over the course of the last week.

Heavy: An American Memoir
In addition to consuming a ton of business and personal-development, every once in a while I add sides of biographies and novels. I decided to give it a listen because it was highly rated on Goodreads. I decided to stick with it after the first chapter because of the authors amazing use of the English language. The critique on the cover sums it up perfectly.
“A question anchored in real curiosity is much more important that a cliche or force metaphor”
“Don’t be distracted, be directed”
Liz Fosslien on Emotion at Work | Curious Minds
No matter how much some members of management might want to wish that it weren’t there, emotions are an ever present part of our daily lives. It’s what makes us distinctly human. So of course they’ll be with us at work. But do they all belong there? Liz provides an interesting way of deciphering which emotions belong at work and which don’t. She also shares a tool for making sure the wrong emotions don’t make it into our decision making.
Inclusion As A Growth Strategy Part 1: The Last Remaining True Growth Opportunity
Diversity and Inclusion have always been a mystery to me, but this article clears it up. It explained by a strict focus on diversity is counter productive. While it’s measurable, it doesn’t achieve the desired impact because those diverse voices and included in key decisions. Inclusion is harder because it’s more difficult to measure.
Favorite Quote of the Week
Change is a fact of life. The only thing that doesn’t change is that that change will come. This quote is a reminder that worry is useless. What is needed is action. Focus on whatever it is that is within your realm of control to prepare for the change. Even if it means preparing your mind for change through Mindfulness and Mediation training.