About Me

The book that’s simmering inside of me would be entitled “Disruptive Culture: Harness the power of culture to drive strategy, fuel innovation and sustain growth.”  I care about a lot of things, but what I could talk about ad nauseam is about the importance of having a disruptive culture.  

Hi, I’m Wayne Burrell.  I am a husband and father of four.  So you can call me a procreator.  No, seriously.  I’m a pro-creator.  I find joy in everything I do, yes even at work, because I choose to believe that I am being paid to create.

On the job, I create more robust and transformational processes.  I’m also a card-carrying creative.  Nothing fires me up more than expressing myself through everything I do.  I choose to see everything I do as art. There’s an art to my marriage, how I parent, how I communicate with co-workers, how I redesign processes on my job, even how I fold my laundry and mow my lawn. In the words of Seth Godin, “We’re all artists.

The workplace culture is to the worker as the proper environment is to the artist.  For creativity to flourish on the job the culture has to be conducive to it. I believe every culture can become a fertile garden of creativity where ideas can grow and innovation harvested.  

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