Palettes of Self-Expression


The body is for most the premier palette of self-expression because for most it is the self.  Most people do all they can do to make sure the bodies they exist in is well kept, smells good, looks presentable, etc.  They decorate it with tattoos, adorn it with jewelry, or style its hair. Many philosophers have argued that we (our true self) are not, in fact, our bodies.  We merely exist inside of them. Think about it, if your arm fell off tomorrow, would you cease being you.  

Given that we inhabit a shell called the body which most choose to make sure looks neat and presentable.  Would that not make our homes and the spaces that we inhabit further extensions of us? If so, then why do so many take so little thought to their living environment? Sure there might be posters on the wall, or drapes on the windows. However, the floor is littered with dirty clothes with dirty walls throughout. When was the last time the carpet was vacuumed or the floor mopped? Let’s not even go to the bathroom sink/tub/mirror.

The spaces in which we inhabit should be seen as expressions of who we are, just like our bodies.

Could you imagine if someone walked around with dirty skin, an armful of dirty clothes,? What if their mane looked and smell like it hadn’t been washed in months? Yet, the spaces we inhabit aren’t afforded the same level of decorum as the bodies in which we inhabit. If they’re both shells that contain who we are, then they’re all palettes for our self-expression. They both should reflect who we are.  The sad truth is, they already do.