Reading People: the 6th Sense


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Probably the most powerful skill that one can develop is that of reading people.  For with it you can do so much. Whether you want to influence or persuade. Or whether you want to empathize with and connect.  It all starts with reading the subtle tells that people give off.

Therefore, this skill is ESSENTIAL for people leadership!  It allows managers to have the all important feedback loop for their communication.  When used properly, this skill connects people as the employee feels seen and heard without having to raise their hand and speak.

Emotional Intelligence helps you read past the masks people apply over their emotions.

Lately, I’ve been on the receiving end of this powerful skill.  It’s a little alarming yet comforting to know that people care enough to notice you and are compassionate enough to offer a supportive ear.  

According to Robert Greene’s The Laws of Human Nature, we’re all on a narcissism spectrum.  To improve in this area, I highly suggest first shifting your mindset by tuning down the narcissism. Pay more attention to other people. Look them in the eye.

Until you’re able to pick up on queues, simply ask: “How do you feel about that?” “What’s on your mind?” You must then be prepared to lay down your defensiveness and humbly listen. I’d also recommend books like NLP For Dummies, Emotional Intelligence Mastery and Influence.

Here’s to developing your 6th sense.